Women deserve to be safe. listened to. respected. empowered.

Introducing the world's first smart ring specialized to protect women from & easily report sexual assault.

Coming Fall 2021.

discreet, daily wear

Percy is a smart ring that doesn't look like a smart ring - the perfect, subtle addition to every woman's everyday jewelry.

sync with your phone

With Percy's mobile companion app, you can control actions and store data to your phone, whether that's calling 911 or collecting evidence.

designed by women, for women

No one understands women better than other women. Our mission is to empower and problem solve, together.

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smart technology meets safe & simple.

The smart ring that helps you be safe...and believed.

Percy is a fashionable smart ring with a mobile companion app that enables the wearer to discreetly either call for help, notify their contacts, record evidence of the encounter, or alert authorities of their location without even picking up their phone — promoting safety & credibility.

Why? Because...*

Every 73 seconds, an american is sexually assaulted.
of rape victims are female.
of perpetrators will walk free.

*Data from RAINN

our mission

Building tools for a safer, fairer world for women.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of women find themselves in dangerous situations where they’re unable to call for help, alert attention, or escape safely from a potential assaulter.

Even after the encounter is over, many women find their reports dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

We’re here to change that.

Our Community

Giving back to underserved communities & non-profit organizations.

At Percy, we know that it’s not enough to just build tools to protect women during and after an assault – we must end the conditions that lead to assault in the first place through widespread and bold education, outreach, and policy changes.

the ring's features

How It Works

The Percy smart ring syncs effortlessly with your phone through the Percy mobile companion app (coming soon to the App Store & Google Play store).

The ring is controlled by finger taps with vibration feedback.

Different tap sequences trigger different actions between your ring and your phone, thanks to Percy’s various motion and vibration sensors, GPS chip, and Bluetooth connectivity — all powered by wireless charging and state of the art user security. 

Just download pair your ring to the app to get started!

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